American Mutt #2 – Dog Art Blueprint


Standard Size:
Standard Print is 19″ x 13″
Framed Standard Print with Matte and Frame: 20″ X 26″

Large Size:
Large Print is 25″ x 17″
Framed Large Print with Matte and Frame: 24″x 32″

Custom Options:

You have the option to add your animal’s name or nickname to your artwork and/or select a gender.

Note: The customized name will replace the name of the animal breed (and selecting the gender is required). Non-customized blueprints will look like the blueprint shown at the top of the screen.

Animal Name

Animal Gender *

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The great American family dog. Mother may have been a bit of a lady, father a bit of a tramp. Perhaps American Mutt #2 is part Lab, Weimaraner, Rottweiller, Retriever, or none of these. The love of a rescued dog is without boundaries and touches all those in its reach, often transforming the rescuee into the rescuer.