Affenpinscher Blueprint Art


Standard Size:
Standard Blueprint is 19w” x 13h”
Unframed Standard Print with Matte (2.5” Matte Border/Side): 24w”x 18h”
Framed Standard Print with Matte and Frame: 26w” x 20h”

Large Size:
Large Blueprint is 25w” x 17h”
Unframed Large Print with Matte (2.5” Matte Border/Side): 30w”x 22h”
Framed Large Blueprint with Matte and Frame: 32w”x 24h”


Custom Options:

You have the option to add your animal’s name or nickname to your artwork and/or select a gender.

Note: The customized name will replace the name of the animal breed (and selecting the gender is required). Non-customized blueprints will look like the blueprint shown at the top of the screen.

Animal Name

Animal Gender *

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Rendered in the original format of a working blueprint, this unique wall art features the Affenpinscher breed drawn in detail along with factual information that makes that breed special. This unique blueprint is the perfect wall art or gift for Affenpinscher lovers and owners.