Unique Art Gifts for Animal Lovers

Animal Blueprint Company is the purveyor of stylized dog, cat, horse, and animal portraits created in the image of a 1950’s blueprint complete with schematics and design notes calling out the special features of each breed. Featuring a distressed finish to give them the look and feel of working blueprints used by architects, engineers and construction supervisors in the mid-20th century, the classic renderings are perfect for dog lovers or those who want to combine style, design and nostalgia in their homes.

Slide Slide Labrador Retriever Dog Wall Blueprint Slide Dachsund Dog Wall Blueprint Slide Bergamasco Dog Wall Blueprint

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Animal Blueprint Company prints are made in the USA and feature the finest museum quality paper.
We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About Animal Blueprint Company

The Animal Blueprint Company's unique framed wall art and prints of 200+ Dog Blueprints, Cat Blueprints and
Horse Blueprints are created by a graphic designer who combined his passion for dogs, design and architecture.

Each print is created in the original format of a 1950’s blueprint and features a particular breed drawn in detail
along withfactual information that makes that breed special. These unique animal blueprints are great wall art or
the perfect gift for animal lovers and owners alike.