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How to Properly Feed Your Dog

There are all different kinds of dog foods available to dog owners today.  Just like us humans, some food is great, and some is not so great.  It is vitally important that as a dog owner, you know the different kinds of ingredients that are in certain kinds of dog food. 

Many dog food manufacturers have different sorts of dog food depending on how old the dog is.  As far as ingredients, there is usually no difference.  The only difference you are going to see is the size of each pebble.    Smaller dogs need smaller bite size pebbles in order to properly eat their food.  It is rare that you will see a dog food that has different ingredients for puppy dogs then they do for their larger mature dogs.  These bands have usually spent quite a bit of money in research and development to understand what kind of nutrients younger dogs need. 

When it comes to choosing a dog food you first need to understand your dog.  What kind of dog is it, what is their behavior like?  What do they like as a daily treat?  I have been feeding my dogs dry food pretty much my entire life, until recently.  I bought a young little puppy and for some odd reason he wouldn't touch dry food but loved wet dog food.  So guess what, that's what I went with.  Once you understand what kind of dog you have what their appetite is, you can now browse the dog food aisle at your local pet store.

So lets say that your dog is a dry food eater.  Makes sure you choose a dog food that has no animal by-products, corn meal, or any other harmful substance.  A few good dog foods that I have used in the past are Lotus, Chicken Soup For the Dog Lovers Soul, and King Wolf.  These are very expensive dog foods but offer the nutritional value of a full chicken dinner.  Once you have chosen a dog food you then need to choose a flavor.  I use Lotus for my dogs and I use the chicken meal.  They also have beef and salmon meal.  Once you have chosen a flavor you should probably stick with that flavor. 

If your dog doesn't mind wet food, every now and then you can buy some wet food and put it on top of the dry dog food.  This will change it up a little bit for the dog so they aren't getting the same thing every day.  Ok, so you have chosen a dog food and now you need to know how much dog food to feed your dog.  Dog food portions always go by your dogs weight.  My dog is 65 pounds so I feed him one cup of dog food in the morning and one cup in the afternoon, with a few small healthy treats in between (only if he's good).  My dog (Jake) has a strong healthy coat with strong bones and wagging tale.  All the dog pictures I have of him look great.  Here is a good source for how  much to feed your dog based on their weight.

Once you have started feeding your dog, make sure you watch him or hr carefully in the first few weeks.  Try to understand their eating patterns and if they are happy with their feed.  The rest is up to you.

What have you noticed about your dogs eating habits?  Have you found a good dog food for your pets?